Ajahn Brahm is coming to Halifax again!

05 June 2017

Hello everyone,

We would like to inform you that Ajahn Brahm's talk will be recorded and media may be present during his talk. We are very exited about Ajahn Brahm's upcoming visit. We hope that you are also excited about it. We look forward to seeing you on the 19th of June.

Kind Wishes

Brahm HFX 2017 Organizers

Hello Everyone,

No tickets are required for this lecture. The Potter Auditorium seats 390 people, so there should be space for all interested parties. Nevertheless, we suggest that you send us an email at to secure a seat. Please let us know your name and the number of seats requested. Thank you very much. Kind wishes,

The Organizers

Please see the poster below for details:

Ajahn Brahm 2017

Ajahn Brahm 2017

Previous visits


2014 visit

2014 visit

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dear Everyone:

Through the efforts of Dr. Arunika Gunawardena (Department of Biology at Dalhousie University), the revered Buddhist teacher Ajahn Brahm will be visiting Halifax from 21-23 October this year. The details of the visit are still being finalized, but Ajahn Brahm has very generously offered to present three public lectures and a guided meditation instruction during his visit. The current plan is that the talks will be ticketed but free.

We are writing to you now for two reasons. The first is in a “save the date” capacity. We wished to alert you and the community as early as possible about this exceptional opportunity to learn from a gifted and renowned teacher. The second is to alert you to this blogspot:

This blog will be updated as more details of Ajahn Brahm’s visit become available. We are currently using this blog to survey interest in attending Ajahn Brahm’s presentations. This is important because advanced knowledge of the number of attendees will make for an informed decision about venues for the talks. We ask that people interested in attending Ajahn Brahm’s talks please use the e-mail address ( at the blog to let us know how many tickets they anticipate needing. With apologies in advance, we regret that we must limit the number of tickets per respondent to four. Please note that the earlier we hear from you, the better are the chances of securing presentation venues that are large enough to accommodate all.

Thank you very much. Our hope is that Ajahn Brahm’s visit will be a significant cultural event for the city. May you be safe, happy and healthy. Offered with the kindest of wishes,

Dennis P. Phillips, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology & Neuroscience
Dalhousie University

   Ajahn Brahm's Portrait by 10 year old Anisha Rajaselvam